The Legacy of Bethlehem

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What is the Legacy of Bethlehem?

We have created our very own town of Bethlehem at Legacy.
Guests that join us will be guided through the city to find out about the miracle of Jesus’ birth.

What do the volunteers do?

There are many different types of positions to volunteer for including guiding and acting in the city as well as several other service positions for our guests and volunteers. (I.e. concessions, registration, volunteer childcare.)


During the months of November and December, volunteers will be designated Wednesday D-groups that will specialize training for their position. If you are signing up for any station please make plans to attend if possible.


If you borrowed a costume last year, we will have opportunities for you to do that again. If you didn’t bring back your costume, pick up a “costume bring-back” page for instructions.

If you have your own costume that you made or purchased — Bring It!!!!

If you want to help make costumes for others, sign up with Brittani or Nancy.

If you didn’t have a costume last year and would like guidance in making your own or assistance in making one, sign up for a sizing session with Brittani Clark or Nancy Aiken.

Work days

Bethlehem wasn’t built in a day!
We have work days on the 2nd Saturday of each month. See Justin Harris or Leroy Goodwin to sign up.

Sign up information

The links for volunteer sign ups are above. We recommend you use a tablet or a computer to sign up. See Brittani Clark  if you need assistance.


There is a separate sign up for children and adults. Anyone birth-middle school age  should sign up on the children’s page.

Practice The Script

It is important that every cast member knows their lines well, as we all rely on the cue lines for our roles.
This year, we have made it easy for you to practice, you can download & view a copy of the script below or even download & listen to the script.

Powered by Google Drive (thanks guys!)

Listen to the Script

by The Legacy of Bethlehem